Kota Bandung: Travel Guides

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by Ikhlasul Amal
Kota Bandung: Travel Guides

Article by Banyu Geni

Bandung has a power magnet that allows everyone always wants to re-visit. Bandung is well known as Kota Kembang or City of Flowers. It is the provincial capital of West Java and one of Indonesia's largest city. Bandung a center of higher education and commerce, is also renowned for its shopping, particularly for shoes, textiles and clothing. After the free way from Jakarta to Bandung was completed the travel time from Jakarta to Bandung city is just about 2 hours. This makes more people of capital city of Indonesia are interested in a vacation to Bandung hence hotel bandung are always full on weekend.

Some of the tourism objects that could be a reference if you want a vacation to Bandung are

1. Kawah Putih, located in ciwidey can be reached through travel for 2.5 hours or 46 km to the south of Bandung, from the entrance still have to travel 5 Km. This crater water is a little different from other craters in western java. The crater shows pale turquoise color. Sometimes a thin mist flying over the crater, bringing magical atmosphere. We will be amazed by this fantastic crater. The surface of the crater is generally rocky and sandy white so that the crater was later known as the white crater.

2. Situ Patenggang, is a beautiful lake located in the mountainous region, south of bandung. Location can be reached by travelling as far as 46 Km. Interesting things that can be enjoyed by visitors in these attractions are every year the people around patenggang lake held thanksgiving ritual culture, this celebration was held as a form of love and community care ancestral land. Usual activities are planting crops on the island of love and spreading fish seed in the area around the lake.

3. Pemandian Air Panas Sari Ater, The hot water in the resorts Sari Ater is the one of the greatest natural attractions in West Java. In addition to recreation tourism hot water can be used for disease therapy. Located on highway Ciater Subang Regency. To arrive at the location of areas of hot water attractions can be reached with ease. From the center of the capital of West Java Bandung, just 32 km away, takes 30 minutes to the Subang City. While from Jakarta it takes three hours, through a free way Sadang Subang City. Nature Recreation Facilities owned by Sari Ater Hot Water in the form of bungalow including accommodation facilities, food and beverage facilities, heated pool, play areas children, youth and families, Ciater Permanent Hilltop Track, Ulo Sari Water Slider with a height of 6.10 meters and total length of 49 meters, Outbound, AirSoft Gun, Cart Off Road Buggy, Mini Comedy Play, and other recreational facilities.

4. Gunung Tangkuban Perahu, this is one of the most favorite place to be visited in Bandung. Mount tangkuban perahu has a shape like an upside-down boat, Indeed tangkuban perahu means up turned boat. We can look into the huge crater, stroll through the forest on its slopes, or simply enjoy the splendid panoramic scenery. Its location is situated approximately 20 km to the north bandung.The average daily temperature is 17 C during the day and 2 C at night.

5. Observatorium Boscha, Bosscha Observatory is one of the oldest star observation in Indonesia. Bosscha Observatory is located in Lembang, West Java, about 15 km in the northern city of Bandung. Bosscha Observatory (formerly called Bosscha Sterrenwacht) built by the Netherlands - Indische Vereeniging Sterrenkundige (NISV) or the Union Star Dutch East Indies. At the first meeting NISV, it was decided to build an observatory in Indonesia for the promotion of Astronomy in the Dutch East Indies. Karel Albert Rudolf Bosscha, a landlord at the Malabar tea plantation, willing to be the major funders and promised to provide telescope purchase. In recognition of his services in the construction of this observatory, hence the name Bosscha immortalized as the name of this observatory.

6. Taman Hutan Ir Juanda, also known as dago pakar, Taman Hutan Raya Juanda (juanda park) is reservation site. This park is a good place for picnic. This area is aout 50 ha and preserves over 2500 kind of trees from 40 families and 108 species. We can walk around in this park, also visit underground fortifications made by the Dutch and Japanese. From this site, we can hike up into the hills above Dago as far as Maribaya, about 5 km to the north. We can also enjoy the Cikapundung river that flows through this forest.

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